RZAM Web Extension

RZAM is a web browser plugin that will continually assess each webpage for malicious content.

Powered with AI and Machine Learning

RZAM uses advance analytic techniques and machine learning algorithms to differentiate the malicious sites from the legit ones without any human interaction or retrieving historical data from databases.
Group 15@2x

Developed by an All-Emirati Team

Dubai Electronic Security Center continues to be at the forefront of innovation.
Developing new products to protect government enitities from evolving
cyber threats.

RZAM was proudly developed by DESC’s Emirati team.

RZAM in Numbers

Group 46@2x
+ 0
RZAM has evaluated over 1 million URLs
Group 48@2x
+ 0 %
RZAM has an accuracy level of over 95%
Group 49@2x


RZAM’s algorithm executes in milliseconds

RZAM video

Watch the video to learn more about how RZAM can help you safely detect and identify malicious websites.

RZAM available now!

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