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DESC provides a framework for managing cyber risks and supporting government entities.

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Cyber Strategy


Dubai Cyber Security Strategy

The world today is rapidly changing across all aspects of life, including digital technologies, the key driver of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As much as these technologies are witnessing unprecedented developments, the risks are also evolving, and we are observing previously undiscovered patterns.

The below documents highlight the importance of the Dubai Cyber Security Strategy 2023, which complements and updates the previous strategy released in 2017. 2023 is a new starting point that ensures keeping pace with the rapid changes witnessed by the digital world.

The strategy enables dealing with such changes proactively and efficiently, and effectively addressing any potential negative implications that may affect the cyberspace, and the community’s safety and security.

The strategy foresees the future, considering the urgent need for resilience, vigilance, and constant preparedness to adapt to changes, since the applications, tools and methods used to achieve cyber security are constantly changing. This strategy however is based on firm principles that are set to meet our vision of enhancing of Dubai’s position as a global leader in cyber security.

The New Dubai Cyber Security Strategy 2023

Download the 2023 Cyber Strategy

Strategy Principles

Compliance with Regulations
All applicable laws and regulations should be applied to the cyber space in order to achieve cyber security and enhance awareness of all society about the importance of compliance with legislation.
Free Flow of Information
The cyber space needs to remain open to innovation and free flow of ideas, information, and expression. It should be a competitive environment which ensures a fair return on investment in infrastructure, services and content.
The risks of cyber space are transnational. Dubai needs to seek partnerships with other regional and international cities and countries while seeking out information on initiatives; the risks cannot be managed through Dubai’s defense alone.
Consideration of Risk
Individuals using the cyber space need to understand that absolute security cannot be achieved. This all-pervasive awareness contributes more to cyber security than any single organization can.

Strategy Pillars 2017

Download the 2017 Cyber Strategy
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