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Through research and innovation, Dubai has become a leader in cyber smart societies.

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Research & Innovation

Grants & Competitions

A few times each year Dubai Electronic Security Center invests time and money into various research initiatives, on a local and global scale. The aim is to encourage development in the field of cyber security, as well as interest within this sector of advanced studies.  These competitions and grant opportunities allow innovators, entrepreneurs and students the platform to present their ideas and create pioneering innovations that can contribute to the Emirate’s vision of Dubai Cyber Security Strategy.



Since its inception in 2014, Dubai Electronic Security Center has always relied heavily on collaboration with the education sector and other government entities. To further its objectives and fulfill the cyber security strategies’ aim, the center has worked tirelessly to encourage research in the field and the advancement of students interested in the field of study. Learn more about our collaboration with the University of Dubai and the University of Sharjah and investigate what are labs have been working on.

Published Research Papers

Dubai Electronic Security Center encourages learning and development within cyber security, data science, IoT, and research space. Working together with students and government researchers, ensures the center is always up to date on new advancements and technologies available. If you are interested to learn more about published works coming out of the region, check our articles and research papers here.

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