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Our goal is to build a smart society, that is aware of cyber security risks.

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ICS Press Conference & Workshop

DESC takes a lead with its government partners in developing cutting edge solutions and controls to secure the industrial control system (ICS) for effective cyber defense measures in the city of Dubai.

Arab Electronic Media League 15th Session

On January 12th and 13th the Arab Electronic Media Committee hosted DESC and many others, to discuss various topics such as; the national strategy for cybersecurity, defining social behaviors in the digital world, and the UAE’s experience in launching the E-Crime platform designed to protect victims of cybercrime and maintain security and stability.

Electronic Biomedical Security Standards Press Launch

DESC launches the Electronic Biomedical Security Standard which was developed by DESC in cooperation with the Dubai Health Authority, to raise the security level of the biomedical devices and set the necessary controls to meet modern challenges.

DESC’s Collaboration with Local Universities

In an ongoing effort to make Dubai the safest city in cyberspace, DESC continues to work alongside the University of Dubai, the University of Sharjah to foster education and growth within the sectors of AI, cyber security, IoT and technology overall.

Dubai Cyber Think Tank

DESC launches the Dubai Cyber Think Tank, the first of its kind in the region. An interactive platform between DESC and both private and public sectors within the city of Dubai. Its aim is to conduct high-level focus groups, that contribute to the development of new cyber frameworks and policies for a safer cyberspace in Dubai. 

IEEE Cyber Intelligence Summit

In partnership with IEEE UAE Section & The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, DESC, presents The IEEE UAE Cyber Intelligence Summit 2019, which aims to shed light on how AI can combat cyber threats.

OPCDE Conference

Dubai Electronic Security Center was the strategic partner for the 3rd edition of the OPCDE conference. A cyber security conference, where several insightful and innovative technical researches were presented to promote a safer cyber space.

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