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Through research and innovation, Dubai has become a leader in cyber smart societies.

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Published Research

Dubai Electronic Security Center has established collaborations with universities in order to create labs that will cover various cyber security related topics, such as; Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain in cyber security and wireless communication. Students are given the opportunity to apply for internships, as well as gain experience within the cyber security field. Through these the labs, the universities are able to publish conferences, journals and more which you can find reference to below.


A Monitoring and Control Gateway for IoT Edge Devices in Smart Home

Published in International Conference on Information Networking (ICOIN), January 2020.

Publishers: Aloul. F, Zualkernan. I, Shapsough. S, Towheed. M.

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Design and Implementation of Automated IoT Security Testbed

Published in ScienceDirect- Elsevier Ltd, December 2019.
Publishers: Abu Waraga. O, Bettayeb. M, Nasir. Q, Abu Talib. M.

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IoT Testbed Security: Smart Socket and Smart Thermostat

Published in 2019 IEEE Conference on Application, Information and Network Security (AINS), November 2019.
Publishers: Bettayeb. M, Abu Waraga. O, Abu Talib. M, Nasir. Q, Einea. O.

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Inter Blockchain Communication: A Survey

Published in ArabWIC 2019: Proceedings of the ArabWIC 6th Annual International Conference Research Track, March 2019.
Publishers: Qasse. I, Abu Talib. M, Nasir. Q.

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Firmware Update Attacks and Security for IoT Devices

Published in the ARABWIC 6th Annual International Conference on Arab Women in Computing, March 2019.
Publishers: Bettayeb. M, Nasir. Q, Abu Talib. M.

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Systematic Literature Review on Internet-of-Vehicles Communication Security

Published in the International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, October 2018.
Publishers: Abu Talib. M , Abass. S, Nasir. Q, Mowakeh. M.

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Performance Analysis of Hyperledger Fabric Platforms

Published in Hindawi Security and Communication Networks, September 2018.
Publishers: Nasir. Q , Qasse. I Abu Talib. M, Bou Nassif. A.

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Cyber Security Threats Targeting CPS Systems: A Novel Approach Using Honeypots

Published in International Conference on Emerging Security Information, Systems and Technologies, August 2018.
Publishers: Almulla. S, Fachkha. C, Bou-Harb. E.

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Blockchain for Government Services – Use Cases, Security Benefits and Challenges

Published in 2018 15th Learning and Technology Conference (L&T), February 2018.
Publishers: Alketbi. A, Nasir. Q, Abu Talib. M.

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