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Internships & Careers


The Dubai Electronic Security Center is providing internship opportunities for bright University students, who are interested in the field of Cybersecurity. Through the internship opportunities, DESC is keen on attracting excited, talented, intelligent students, who want to excel in the field of Cybersecurity.

Skills Required for Internships:

Cybersecurity Course/Courses attended by the applicant (if any).

Soft Skills:

Communication and Teamwork.

Tech Capabilities/Knowledge Areas:

AI, Machine Learning, IoT, OT, Data Science, Big Data/Visualization, Blockchain, Hardware Design (such as FBGA), Architecture design, Network & Network Architecture.

Programming Skills:

Python, JavaScript, C/C++, Verilog, Bash Scripts.

Applicant will send an email including the following:

  • Updated CV.
  • Cybersecurity course/courses previously attended.
  • Length of the internship: This will be based on the University & students’ requirements.
  • At DESC we prefer a minimum of 3-4 weeks.
  • Specify requested dates for internship.


We are currently looking for potential intern candidates.

Application Process


Career Opportunities

Dubai Electronic Security Center offers a working atmosphere that inspires and supports employees to achieve their goals in an innovative and advanced way, within a collaborative and supportive environment to encourage growth within the entity.

If you are interested in learning more about DESC and the career opportunities available, please see the list below, as it outlines the skills we are looking for and any current job opening we may have.

Employment Conditions

The candidate for employment must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Must be eighteen (18) years old and above.
  • Must be of good standing regarding conduct and behavior.
  • Must possess the health fitness, to perform the job in question.
  • Must not have been previously sentenced to a penalty unless, they have been pardoned by the authorities or have been reinstated in accordance with the law.
  • Must have the academic qualifications and be certified by the relevant official authorities in the UAE.
  • Must have documented practical experiences and the competencies to fill the position according to the job description.
  • Must pass all tests and interviews related to the position.
  • Must meet the requirements of residence and foreign affairs legislation, enforced in the UAE.

Job Vacancies

Security Systems Officer

  • Implement and monitor security measures for the protection of computer systems, networks and information.
  • Identify and define system security requirements.
  • Develop technical solutions and new security tools to help mitigate security weaknesses.
  • Provide support for new analytic methods for detecting threats.

SOC Operation Officer

  • Perform deep-dive incident analysis by correlating data from various sources.
  • Determine if a critical system or data set has been impacted.
  • Advise on remediation.
  • Provide support for new analytic methods for detecting threats.

Information Systems Officer

  • Manage daily tasks and ensure that all technical support office calls related to software are answered in line with the agreed service level agreements.
  • Respond to technical support office calls and provide support to employees regarding daily use of basic database systems.
  • Ensure maintenance of computer hardware and software.
  • Monitor network infrastructure for any problems that may cause disruption to programs or networks.

Permits Officer

  • Provide support in the permit process, develop and enhance the permit process, and coordinate with relevant government departments.
  • Identify what type of authorization/ license is required for government entities.
  • Process the approval/ rejection of permits.
  • Check any legislation that has to be applied and to develop and maintain new permits for Cyber Security with the relevant government departments.

Budget Officer

  • Prepare the annual budget, follow up its implementation, and prepare periodic reports with the aim of controlling the budget.
  • Prepare the estimated annual budget in coordination with the departments and adhere fully to the timetable set for preparing the budget.
  • Monitor the implementation of the annual budget and ensure that the annual budget meets its objectives and overseeing any additional violations or requirements that may take place during the fiscal year.
  • Follow up the increase/ decrease in expenses and revenues and review the monthly reports.

HR Officer

  • Provide support in the various human resource functions, which include recruitment, staffing, training and development, performance monitoring and employee counseling.
  • Maintain employee records and process employee requests.
  • Monitor staff performance and attendance activities.
  • Operate pay and benefits policies.


  • Identify, research and analyze a project.
  • Identify project goals, research methods, variables, and other test parameters.
  • Choose how to collect data and offer recommendations on evaluating projects.
  • Review gathered research and analyze various sets of data.


We are currently looking to fill the following job openings.

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