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Through research and innovation, Dubai has become a leader in cyber smart societies.

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Byte Lab

Launched in 2019 by DESC and the University of Sharjah to investigate security screening for the rapidly increasing number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, along with research into blockchain, artificial intelligence and other cyber-related fields.

One of the Byte Lab’s chief projects is the IoT testbed. The research summary made by the team working on the project explains that authentication of smart devices and establishing trust for critical infrastructure plays a vital role in the realization of the IoT. Using the testbed, the team can investigate security and privacy issues in sets of IoT devices through experiments such as penetration testing and vulnerability scanning.

The work of the Byte Lab will contribute substantially to DESC’s holistic welfare of Dubai’s IoT network, which is set to grow rapidly and be increasingly enabled through the implementation of 5G technology in the near future..


Cyber Intelligence Lab

Launched in 2018 by DESC and the University of Dubai, the chief research focus of the Cyber Intelligence Lab is on securing Dubai’s Industrial Control Systems. These are all the smart systems controlling devices around the city, which are, at times, connected to the internet.

The team analyzed all online traffic to the networks of the UAE, generating beneficial data, including reports of suspicious Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, and creating lists of “Black IPs” attacking the network, which they deliver to DESC.

The DESC Lab is considered to be a leader in this field, pioneering the development of AI with increased capabilities to recognize and assess suspicious internet activity, helping to protect Dubai from infrastructure attack. The challenging project is divided into four fields, namely Dark Net, Honey Pot, Malware, and Big Data and Machine Learning.

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