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Al-Ameen and Digital Dubai join forces to boost cyber security


The Al-Ameen Service affiliated with the State Security Service in Dubai has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Digital Dubai, to strengthen cooperation in joint awareness campaigns in the field of cyber security, with the aim of educating the largest segment of society. The MOU was signed in the presence of Omar Al Falasi, the General Supervisor of the Al-Ameen Service, and Amer Sharaf, Director of Cooperation and Compliance Support Department at the Dubai Electronic Security Center, part of Digital Dubai.

“The strategic partnership between the Al Ameen Service and Digital Dubai is of great significance to both parties, as it is paid off through the “WeGotYourBack” campaign to combat electronic blackmailing, which was widely spread among members of society, and contributed to enhancing public awareness of the risks of this crime, defining the means to detect and prevent it, and reaching out to the competent authorities to obtain necessary protection in the event of exposure to such risks.” Al Falasi said during the signing of the MOU.

“Electronic security is a top priority for security services, therefore the Al-Ameen Service, in cooperation with the Digital Dubai, pays great attention to these services, especially in light of the development of related crimes, and the diversity of its methods, which necessitates organizing awareness campaigns on an ongoing basis to educate members of society of these crimes.” Al Falasi added.

He pointed out that the campaign addresses the activities that attract the public online, especially those related to the risks of misuse of social media, and other electronic crimes.

For his part, Amer Sharaf paid tribute to the efforts of the Al-Ameen Service in strengthening the relationship of society and its members to the State Security Service in Dubai, and continuously overseeing the security and stability of the city.

“The Dubai Electronic Security Center is the government entity mandated to protecting data, information systems and communication networks across the Emirate of Dubai from any potential electronic threats. The importance of this role is increasing as Digital Dubai continues to take great and qualitative steps towards its strategic objectives of digitization of all aspects of life in the Emirate.” Sharaf explained.

Sharaf added: “We always believe that tasks and objectives of this level require an effective collaborative approach by establishing strong partnerships with various entities in all fields, either to support such entities in complying with cyber-security requirements, or, as is the case with the Al-Ameen Service, by joining forces to address electronic risks and enhancing cyber security in Dubai.” Sharaf went on explaining that “the MOU paves the way for deeper collaboration between the two sides in order to enhance cyber-security as a standard practice, and raise the level of awareness of this issue through social media channels and leading news media outlets, along with joint work to develop and take advantage of potential scenarios to ensure maximum preparedness in the event of any online risks.”


22 June, 2022

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